Kyron McKenna

Cloud Engineer


Self-motivated Cloud Engineer passionate about the Cloud and its future. Available and currently looking for work, with the ability to relocate. I pride myself on my ability to succeed in a fast-paced environment. I am ambitious and eager to advance my career and expand my knowledge in all things Cloud.

Experience & Projects

Full Stack Cloud Developer - The Pain Wall

EC2 - Terraform - Jenkins - CloudWatch
  • Migrated to AWS from on-premise, resulting in improved loading speeds and configuration management.
  • Infrastructure as Code implementation using Terraform for improved productivity in deployment tasks and Jenkins for CI/CD.
  • Maintain high availability and uptime of services
    • 99.8% monthly uptime SLO
    • Leveraged blue-green deployment processes that reduced unexpected downtimes due to deployments by 100%.
    • Utilized load balancers & autoscaling groups to handle increased traffic periods. Enabled CloudFront for caching.
  • Setup & monitored CloudWatch metrics & dashboards to track performance and made necessary changes to reduce monthly costs.

Cloud Resume Challenge - (Project)

Lambda - S3 - DynamoDB - API Gateway - Docker - Python
  • Used S3 to host static resume website featuring a visitor counter. Set up HTTPS for security and enabled CloudFront for caching. Utilized Route53 for DNS operation.
  • Wrote Lambda function using Python as runtime to retrieve current visitor count, stored in DynamdoDB, and update the count for each visit.
  • Setup API Gateway to accept requests from the web app, triggering the lambda function to communicate with the database.
  • Utilized Docker for SAM build operations.
  • Converted infrastructure to code, leveraged SAM & GitHub Actions for rapid deployment and CI/CD.
  • Read about the Cloud Resume Challenge HERE